Type 2 Speed Training

Where: Gym


Instructed by Troy Lalaguna, Collegiate Track and Field Athlete and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

“I have been developing athletes of Northern California for the last 10 years through my Type 2 Speed Training and Sports Fusion Camps.”

My Type 2 Speed Training Camps have taken hundreds of athletes to the next level of competition. I use multiple methods to increase speed, power and agility. These methods include: Dynamic Warm Up, Biomechanical Analysis, Plyometrics, Sprint Drills, Agility, and Reaction Drills, Core Strengthening Exercises, and various Coordination Activities. This camp not only improves speed, it also improves movement efficiency for greater coordination and agility. This camp will make you run faster, jump higher, and become a better mover.

When:Tuesday & Thursday 4-5PM June 18th -July 11th
Where: Tehama Family Fitness Center

Instructed by: Troy Lalaguna CSCS

Cost: $100 must be paid in full prior to class
Limited to 20 Athletes

(530) 528-8656


Currently there are no scheduled classes.