Tehama Nutrition Center

Here at Tehama Nutrition Center we strive for quality and taste you will love!

You will LOVE our 100% crushed whole fruit blended Dr. Smoothies. These smoothies are blended to perfection and we offer you the option of adding one or more of our nutritional supplemental boosts.

Looking for a meal replacement that not only taste great but will help you shed unwanted pounds, and fast? Try one of our best-selling, nutritious Lean 1 Shakes. We blend these up for you or have tubs you can buy and take home. These are so popular we can hardly keep them on the shelf!

Looking for a great tasting and pefect bar that you can enjoy without guilt? Try one of our Quest bars. By far the hottest selling bar we stock!

We also have Muscle Milk which we can blend up for you or you can purchase in a convienient ready to drink container.

For a superior pre workout boost, we carry No-Xplode, by BSN and also Fasttwitch by Cytosport.

We offer Catie"s Organic Greens & Catie's Vitamin C Plus.

Catie's Organic Greens Clean, strengthen, nourish, nurture, promotes healing akalinize blood and can neutralize acid. It increases energy & vitality.
Increases good bacteria to protect from infection. Reduces free radical damage and promotes good circulation. Increases bowel regularity and promotes weight loss. It increases the immune system’s ability to fight disease and pathogens. Has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticancer properties. Helps to increase and improve oxygen transportation throughout the body.

Not sure when or what to eat or drink? We have pre, during and post workout drinks to help you get all the benefits from your workout program.

Ask about our Specialty Smoothies! * Shape-up, Detox or make up your own! We understand that many of us drink smoothies for different reasons. Whether to enjoy as a meal replacement, a healthy snack or a healthy boost of energy after a great workout morning, noon or night. Anytime is the right time for a nutritious and most delicious Dr. Smoothie.

We also offer a variety of healthy meal replacements, egg whites, pre, post and during supplemental products, protein, lo-carb options, bars, drinks, healthy snacks, oatmeal, gluten-free options and so much more!

Not a member? That's ok. TNC is open to the general public and we offer free WiFi with every purchase so you can surf the web or even get some work done while you're here!

Early Bird Special- Enjoy 1 free cup of coffee for our members M-F 5am-7am.

So stop by and enjoy a healthy snack, refreshing smoothie or delicious meal replacement/post workout shake right here at TNC! You'll be glad you did!