Resolution solution

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Resolution Solution is a fun 6-week program that will help you reach your New Years Resolution and get the Beach Body you've always wanted! Pick up a copy of this program with photos for a more detailed description at the front desk today.

Program Key Terms

Super Set - also known as Circuit Training. This type of training consists of 1 or more sets of 2 or more exercises in a pattern, with minimal recovery between rounds.
Rounds - 1 round is equal to one complete Super Set. Example: complete 10 push ups followed by 10 squats followed by 10 pull ups. This would complete one round of a super set.
Intervals - similar to Sets and Reps, Interval Training usually refers to aerobic or speed training. Ten 100 meters sprints is an interval workout; the interval is the 100 meter sprint in this case.

Day 1
Warm Up: 2000 meter Row
*Super set
1 round warm up - 3 rounds with weight-minimal rest between rounds 1-2 minutes
10 Bench Press
10 Squats
10 Pull ups (or lat pulls)
*Super set: 3 rounds
10 Burpees (or jump squats)
30 Mountain Climbers
1 minute of Jumping Jack
*Super set: 3 rounds
1 minute Spider Plank (or standard plank)
30 Bicycle Crunches
15 Pikes (or crunch)

Day 2
Intervals: 8 X 400 meter sprints (¼ mile). 1-2 minutes to complete 400 meters. 1-1:30 minute rest between intervals
2000 meter row for time

Day 3
Warm Up 10 minute stair stepper
Super set
1 round warm up- 3 rounds with weight-minimal rest
10 DPC (dead, curl, press)
10 (each hand) Bent over dumbbell row
30 second Kettlebell Swing
*Super set
20 split jumps
1 minute Jump Rope
20 Alternating- Lateral and Front Delt Raise
*Super set
20 (both sides) Side Plank hip raise
20 Accordion Crunch
20 Leg Lifts

Day 4
20 minute elliptical
1.5 mile run (for time)
10 minute stair stepper

Day 5
Warm Up 10 minute elliptical
*Super set: 1 round warm up; 3 rounds with weight, minimal rest
30 second Push Up (max reps)
30 Second Alternating Reverse Lunge (in place), may add weight (max reps)
30 Second Dumbbell Dead Lift to calve raise
*Super set
15 Up Right Row
15 Skull Crushers
30 Second Renegade Row
*Super set
1 Minute standard Plank
30 perfect Crunch
30 Toe Touch

2 weeks, continue as listed above
Weeks 3 & 4: complete 4 rounds
Weeks 5 & 6: go 5 rounds
Weights should also be increased as well as cardio intensity every 2 weeks
20 minutes of Active recovery on rest days: Jog, cycle, elliptical, stretch


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