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Osteoporosis Awareness

Osteoporosis is a condition that reflects low bone density most often in women. This degenerative and cascading process, which can affect your health and lifestyle, can be prevented and combated. Many of the contributing risk factors are controllable. The National Osteoporosis Foundation lists the following preventative measures:

  • Building strong bones
  • Eating foods high in calcium and vitamin D,
  • Eating fruits and vegetables every day

Building and developing strong bones is best during childhood continuing through our early adult years. The level of importance for weight baring exercises during this time period is crucial. Keeping activity levels high for children and beginning strength training as a female adolescent will benefit your bone density throughout your lifespan. For adult women weight barin...

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At the beginning of a new year, all seems possible. We are all highly motivated to make positive changes in our life that will make us healthier individuals in many ways. Starting is always easy, the challenging part is keeping the motivation to make these changes a habit in our everyday lives. We are all busy, but in the end, is being busy a valid excuse for sacrificing our health?
So here are the 9 things we both can do this week to get this year started off on a positive note and pave the way for a healthy year in 2016.

TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT YOUR SCHEDULE AND CALENDARWhen setting healthy living goals it is important that you schedule the time that is necessary to make these goals a reality....

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The cool people over at Mopro just created our new site. Check it out!


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